Sion in North America

From its beginning in France in 1842, the congregation of Notre Dame de Sion quickly spread  to Turkey, Jerusalem, England, Romania, Costa Rica, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Brazil, Austria, Australia and  Hungary. At the invitation of the Dominican Fathers, the sisters of Sion arrived in North America  in 1892 to Lewiston Maine, and also later  to Auburn and Brunswick, Maine. They opened  thriving schools and had religious instruction for hundreds of children and adults,  mostly French Canadians in Maine.  However, since the Dominicans had not sent teachers for the boys, they left Maine with 60 young sisters who had entered in the 12 years. They went  in 1904 to Prince Albert , Saskatchewan, a northern trading post and Louisville, Kentucky as well as other missions as far away as Brazil and Australia.

Soon after the foundation of a school  in Prince Albert,  the sisters  expanded   to Saskatoon and Moose jaw  establishing schools. The sisters in the United States stayed temporarily in Louisville Kentucky, then Marshall  Missouri  and finally settled  in Kansas City  Missouri in 1912. Notre Dame de Sion school , now under lay ownership with the Sisters involved with Sion’s charism,  will be celebrating  its 100th anniversary in 2012.

In subsequent years, the schools in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw closed. Today, there are Sion  communities in Saskatoon and Edmonton in the West. Starting in 1947, Sion began moving eastward to  Montreal, founding a Jewish Christian Center and Ecole Notre Dame de Sion School in 1963 in St.Laurent, Quebec.  In 1958, Sion was in Winnipeg in schools and later at Rossbrook House,  in 1964, Sion  went to Toronto  for studies and Jewish- Christian relations. There are Sion communities in these three cities today. Also in the United States , there is a 20 year foundation in Chicago, and Sion moved eastward to Brooklyn NY, Boston, St. Paul MN, Fairfield ME and South Orange, NJ.