Chapter Mandate 2008

Anchored in God's heart and bursting with passion for our Charism, we commit ourselves to:

  • Strengthen our local areas and faithfully live out our projects of life
  • Celebrate and nurture our deepening relationships with our friends and associates
  • Honour and support one another in the process of discernment affirmed at this Chapter


  • We will nourish the spiritual life of the Province through the study of our Biblical, Foundational, Jewish and Church sources
  • We will be united with the whole Congregation on the journey of transformation/reconfiguration
  • We value our networking relationships and we will reach out and explore other relationships for the sake of the mission
  • We will live out the last chapters of our life in Sion as fully as possible


  • Local areas and regions invite more friends and associates to study days, meetings and workshops
  • Each area be more mindful about sending items for the newsletter
  • Information of the hopes and plans of sisters in their later years be gathered and analyzed in order to put appropriate actions and future plans in place
  • A networking/communication system for sisters in various retirement facilities be established.