We commit ourselves to :

  • Regular faith sharing in small groups with each group to decide the frequency;
  • Gathering three or four times a year as a Toronto area large group (e.g. Study, retreat, prayer, fun/social, for important feasts, January 20, Pentecost
  • TAG (Toronto Area Gathering)
  • Communicating clearly among ourselves on all levels (personally, locally, provincially, etc.) including with PLT
  • Beginning discernment at the level of the small groups
  • Supporting and strengthening the area and individuals in their ministries and common projects: Oakmount Project, health concerns, Ratisbonne lecture series, etc.
  • Continuing the process.

Signed by: Elizabeth Losinski, Pauline Greenizan, Audrey Gerwing, Margie McGrath, Lucy Thorson, Isabel Lewis, Joyce Sinnett, Mary Babic, Jocelyn Monette, Marge Zduncih