Eastern Seaboard:(Boston, Brooklyn, South Orange, N.H.)

Our area project of life for one year will include:

  • Each person will take a 3-month period for taking initiative to ensure that what needs to be done gets done.
  • Twice a year we'll come together in Boston or down south
  • Once a month we'll have a conference call e.g.: discernment, business, social, sharing, etc.
  • Ongoing Formation – for Kathleen Rusnack, Claire Pace, Lavinia Herman-Gill, and Kathy Richman: general introduction to Sion's charism and life, history.
  • We will ensure the communication of health care information.

Signed by: Kathleen Rusnack, Celia Deutsch, Kathy Richman, Claire Pace, Audrey Doetzel, Phyllis Kapuscinski, Sylvia Obrigewitsch,
Liaison Person changes every 2-5 months. First Liaison Person: Audrey Doetzel