Project Hope

Assist the work of Sion in the PHILIPPINES

Help the people of Real to continue to reconstruct homes and to establish new ecologically sound livelihoods following the devastating floods and landslides of November 2004

Assist the 3000 farm labourers of Hacienda Luisita who worked the sugar cane plantation become proud farmers who can cultivate their own newly fought for and acquired land.

Your contributions can help people do the following:

  • Assist families to raise pigs using organic methods - US$60.00 per family
  • Assist families to raise hens using organic methods - US$60.00 per family
  • Acquire a house & lot - US$1000.00 per family
  • Establish a community store - US$1000.00 per community
  • Assist families to grow vegetables organically - $50.00 per family.
  • Establish a community based virgin coconut oil plant - US$1000.00
  • Acquire a small fishing boat - US$500.00 per fisherman
  • Acquire a small tractor for the community - US$2000.00
  • Buy seeds for rice crop for a farmer - US$50.00
  • Buy basic farm tools - US$200 per farmer


How you can help…. Support Project Hope

Send checks to:
Our Lady of Sion, PO Box 70588, 2938 Dundas St. Toronto, ON M6P 4E7 CANADA
Our Lady of Sion 6322 N. Wayne, Chicago, Illinois 60660 USA

Please ensure that cheques are made out to: Sion Project Hope.